At Harmony By Karate, "harmony" is achieved through deep breathing, philosophy and meditation. This helps the student develop a peaceful mind and nurtures spiritual growth. The "karate" aspect is the practice of simple, practical and fluid techniques that contribute to longevity. They are learned through slow movement that will ultimately maximize speed, power and flexibility. This demonstrates what is possible, eliminates fear, and empowers the individual to conquer any obstacle.
Children's Program​​

Harmony By Karate builds inner strength
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Adult Program

Women are empowered through Harmony By Karate
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Harmony By Karate spiritual philosophy and technique heals!
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Welcome to Harmony By Karate!
Unlock the ancient mysteries and benefits of martial arts.
Group and Private Lessons for Children and Adults Alike
We offer children’s karate classes in Upper West Side for ages 2 and up, as well as classes for adults of all ages. By utilizing the philosophy of a traditional martial arts Dojo and incorporating our own unique approach, Harmony By Karate makes learning karate fun and appealing for kids and adults alike.
Top Ten Martial Arts Schools in America
Our dedication to teaching and understanding the art of karate has led to our inclusion in the Top Ten Martial Arts Schools in America. We draw from a rich martial arts heritage, with a lineage spanning seven generations of karate masters, and we invite you to be part of this tradition.
Developing Inner Power
Karate is one of the best methods for teaching children that true strength comes from within. Our methods help children achieve harmony of mind, body, and spirit through stretching, deep breathing, meditation, and philosophy. In addition, participating in karate classes can help build the self-confidence your child needs to succeed in life.
Touching Lives
While the instructors at Harmony By Karate will teach you physical skills that are incorporate in martial arts, we aim to help our students grow and evolve until their skills break the physical level and reach a higher level of spiritual enlightenment.
The Harmony By Karate method integrates the meditation and flexibility of yoga, the deep breathing and flow of Chi Fung, into the striking/grappling skills of karate to evolve the mind, body, and spirit for life.
Call us today and unleash your true potential.