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Sensei John Sets World Record to Promote Stop Bullying Campaign!

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 Transforming 9/11 
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Harmony Day

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Bill Beutel, ABC News: "If ever there was a man serious about the future of mankind, and particularly our children, that man is Sensei John."

Elliot Segal, WHTZ-100: "Sensei John at Harmony By Karate offers a great program for mind, soul and body."

Kathleen Turner, Actor: "I am feeling a renewal of confidence and harmony I have been missing for a long time."

Luc Robitaille, NHL Hockey Player: "When I come to this Dojo there is an incredible feeling that goes through my heart that I can not describe."


Paulette Rao, Executive and Organizational Coach (True North Resources): " Sensei John gently inspired and boldly challenged my mind, body, and spirit to grow. "

Michael Bailkin, Chairman (Stadmaur Bailkin LLP): " Harmony by Karate is a path to enlightenment. At its everyday level it a force for performing at your personal best."

Peter Herzig (Crescendo Partners): " Sensei Mirrione creates a truly complete experience for students. The combination of philosophy, physical exertion, and technical preparation has offered me the most complete, exhilarating, and rewarding training I have ever practiced."

Phil Swain, Sr. VP (Sports Club Company): " You have clearly made a difference in our members' lives."

Mark Barry (M. Barry and Co.) - "Harmony By Karate is informative, encouraging, stimulating and fun!"

Matthew T. Bennett Founder/President ( BTDT Enterprises)  " Sensei John truly embodies the best in the human spirit as a teacher, humanitarian, family man and leader. His determination, selflessness and strength of character serve as a benchmark to which we can all aspire."

Kettlebell Concepts, David Ganulin (Blog)  "It's tough to find the "real deal" regardless of where you are. NYC is FULL of phenomenal artists and healers, but you really have to mine and dig a bit. Sensei John Mirrione is one of them."


Bob Makarechian-Harmony by Karate has had a lasting positive influence on our son, which is a testament to the caring nature of the senseis as well as the countless hours of personalized instruction he received. The trust build between our family and HBK led me to frequently turn to Sensei John and his assistants for advice on matters unrelated to karate. HBK takes a holistic approach to the child, making the dojo a place of true learning and growth. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity for our son to have spent his formative years at HBK.

Michael Dorf (Father): "Harmony By Karate" taught our two daughters discipline, self-esteem, respect, and, oh yes, karate. Sensei John, Sensei Oscar, Sempei Joseph, and Sempei Leonard always knew just what to say to coax, cajole, or entice them into participating to the fullest. The atmosphere has just the right combination of seriousness and fun. If we were not moving out of the city, we would have enrolled them both through black belts and beyond. We doubt there is a program quite like Harmony By Karate anywhere.

Susan Bodnar, Ph.D. (Teacher's College of Columbia University): "Sensei John is brilliantly gifted at reaching the minds of people and helping them to translate raw energy into life-long skills."

Richard Miner: "The unique qualities of the program, as well as the intense personal concern of Sensei John for his students, proved to be a real source of strength for me during a very arduous time."

Debbie Wisch (Mom): " Sensei John is a kind, talented, and generous teacher and leader, and my son has benefited enormously from him."

Rhoshena Allen (mother): "We really want to thank you and your staff of wonderful, patient and caring teachers for all of their training that they've provided to [our son] over the last several months, and for the opportunity to do this for our family!..You run a truly wonderful program that is so encouraging and effective, and we've seen a difference in [him] and his abilities to WANT to do more!"

Famous Masters

Leo Fong, Wei Kuen Do International: "Your emphasis on spirituality and internal training separate your program from ordinary schools whose primary focus is on combat." Our school is a member of Wei Kuen Do International. ( Read newsletter article  -  View video )

Gary Wasniewski, TYGA International: "Sensei John and his club show the true spirit and principles of martial arts in everyway! He and his club have great future! I have never seen a more organized club anywhere in the world!" 

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, 6x world champion: " You have a great school and wonderful people."

Rick Lenchus "The Legend": " Sensei John Mirrione Jr. is a highly respected martial artist who teaches at Reebok. He is very smooth and low key with dramatic display of speed and strength."

Marcos Martinez UFC champion, "Great energy and beautiful philosophy. You won't find a school like this ever!"  View video